Anza-Borrego State Park, California, February 2005

A House in Tucson

The house in Tucson sits well north of and high above the city center, in a quiet neighborhood served by a cul-de-sac road. The house has a large, spacious living and dining area and a very spacious kitchen with breakfast table, both looking out on a patio and swimming pool with a spectacular view ofContinue reading “A House in Tucson”

Skiing at Mount Hood

In December 1964 I took a trip on the Canadian National Railway from Toronto to Vancouver. Then I proceeded by train to Portland and bus to San Francisco. The end-purpose of the journey was to visit U.C. Berkeley and Stanford for potential graduate study in Operations Research (I ended up going to Stanford after theContinue reading Skiing at Mount Hood

A Pair of Two-Thousand-Year Civilizations

The following is a comparison between a pair of two-thousand-year civilizations within the history of so-called Western civilization. First, the Greek and Roman period, and immediately following that, the Christian, Enlightenment and Industrial period, if the latter lasts that long. A caveat: I am not a historian, and details of this short essay may beContinue reading A Pair of Two-Thousand-Year Civilizations

Adirondack Tales

During the early 1960s, my friend Sidney and I took two week-long hiking excursions during the summers in the Adirondack Park in the High Peak region. It was his favorite place for hiking – he grew up in the Philadelphia area and his family took regular summer camping vacations there. We backpacked all our suppliesContinue reading “Adirondack Tales”

Comment on Elizabeth Peabody and the Transcendentalists

In Megan Marshall’s book on The Peabody Sisters, she states “As she wrestled with the spiritual questions … Elizabeth gravitated toward a communitarian view rather than toward the cult of the self-reliant individual that Emerson and Thoreau would espouse.”1 Ms. Peabody certainly had a more communitarian view than Emerson and Thoreau. However, my view ofContinue reading “Comment on Elizabeth Peabody and the Transcendentalists”


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