Coyote Tracks

While Nordic skiing
one cold morning,
a coyote joined the path.
Steps straight and proud,
printed earlier in fresh snow
with little diversions (good smells).
Another coyote joined – 
together? No, before – more 
snow in the paws. My coyote
walks in the other’s tracks
like a skier. I feel less alone
matching them stride for stride.

Copyright © Charles Phillips 2015.

I have always felt that I was outside of human society looking in, like the coyote at the edge of our habitation. In this blog I hope to explore different ideas, visions and experiences of my life and share these with you.

I expect to have a new blog entry at least once a month, and initially more frequently since there is a lot to catch up on. I expect to intersperse contemporary and historic writings; I’ll show dates on the latter. There will be no copyright on this site except for the poems; use this material as you wish in your own life. After all, much of what I’m saying here is not original in a scholarly sense, but may not be generally known. However, I’d appreciate a reference to this site so as to obtain wider awareness of my work. Let your friends know!

Charles Phillips

coyote tracks in fresh snow


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